Return of the Galactic Year 👽


If dissolving in to the cosmos wasn’t on your agenda before I’d highly suggest making some time & space to do so, so that it lessens the chances of energetic build up and pummeling ya in to deeper consciousness later

Okay, Breathe

Special attention brought to today (April 12, 2017) as it is a Blue Spectral Storm day, which is the same Galactic Signature as the year we are experiencing currently 😄 The tone of Spectral carries deep vibration of dissolution for liberation, which can be especially difficult to any mind-body rooted in 3D (bodily, physical realm, material) patterns, and challenging still to 4D (mind, astral, space-time) patterns. The 3D patterns requiring to be dissolved are lower vibrational and fear based, they stem from pain withheld from childhood, general past, &/or past lives, & are that which is inhibiting the experience of liberation; creating static charge at a cellular level, thus altering patterns active in the microcosm. Manipulation & control (3D) tend to be active here cocreating in thought (4D) resulting in an imbalance in action (4D interacting in 3D). Patterns are essential to the structure and function of life, and we want our disc records to be natural and unique in expression, smooth running and fluid, rather than scratchy and fragmented. The transmutation from the latter to the former occurs with Spectral’s specialty of dissolution. Dissolving co-factors with disintegration, and both lead to their respective opposites of resolve and integration. This is not the time to hold on to anything, but to let what is known at the seat of the soul be known. This is the time to release and dissolve in to Light, a time to test the foundation, as what has been rooted in Truth will still remain after the dissolution. The Storm glyph brings the thunder beings coming to shake things up, rumble vibrations to test our structure and foundation, and bring attention to faults. There is special influence on thunder (vibration) and water (emotions), and lightning (electricity) and fire (action); the themes here are cleansing and purifying of emotions and actions through dissolution encourage practice of surrender in to breaking down (thunder) and burning up (lightning) all that no longer serves. This is a great time to seek a healer to assist in shifting, and there is opportunity for quantum leaps of growth when breath work is utilized to open and allow intense transformation. The result is something along the lines of cocreating with positive emotion to create positive charge in our electric currents, thus fueling our action to Light and Inspire our selves & the environment around us. If the space is felt where we literally can’t do anything, don’t panic – dissolution is an organic part of the crystalline process, deep breathing and focus on breath is recommended.

(Breathe Here Meow)

The Mantra for this Blue Spectral Storm is ~

“I Dissolve in order to Catalyze 

Releasing Energy 

I Seal the Matrix of Self-Generation 

With the Spectral tone of Liberation

I Am Guided by my own Power (Self-Generation) Doubled”

(Go ahead and breathe to dissolve in to that Mantra)

Here’s a link to read more about the Blue Spectral Storm vibration, since it is in affect more intensely today, but also until July 24th this year;


While that’s happening !

(Probably good to breathe again)

The Moon is waning and disseminating in Scorpio, while we are in a short crunch of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus in Retrograde until the 15th, when Venus goes Direct ~

(Maybe take four solid breaths this time – one for each planet in Retrograde)

This energy is preeettty intense – we just came through a Full Moon in Libra portal where the peak and climax of a cycle allowed for illumination & revelation, building from New moon in Aries. What is meant by that is New Moon was bringing focus to the relation we harness with self & how that affects the world around us. Full Moon is bringing further illumination in to the relation of self, surfacing depths to gain knowledge in to the dynamic of the relation with self, how each connection – in and out – we tend to creates collaboration for different purposes on the journey of life. Potential to gain perspective of all our relations and how they are serving, every thing within and around as a teacher or guide is in this energy. Illumination & revelation are catalyzing & assisting transformation, which brings us to and through the current Moon in Scorpio.

(Yup, breathe)

For today and tomorrow the Moon in Scorpio – Death and rebirth are present as we cycle through old paradigm beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Psychic perceptions heightened and there is no hiding the Truth. Raw emotions – potential pain surfacing from past emotional suppression – those emotions coming surface to be transmuted. Intuition is high and retreat/withdrawal is necessary to assist movement of emotional energy and stabilize self. Expression of psychological depths through creative mediums is crucial. Allow death of the old in to rebirth of the new.

(Just breathing out the old paradigm and breathing in new earth no big deal and just a little sweat)

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus – internally it is time and space to go within easily, observe the inner dialogue/dialogue with higher self/dialogue with Creator. Externally there is advantage to reflect and observe how communication is working with the world around, in all realms but especially verbally. Keeping clarity by maintaining that what is being said matches true intent, and that true intent is to create clarity and understanding through open channels of communication. Dissolving what we don’t really mean to communicate through honest observation, and resolve through conveyance of that which we truly mean. Learning to communicate intent and allow action to align with integrity. Communication reformation is huge here, and this is a great time to be impeccable with word, and responsible to shift consciously when we are not creating vibration conducive to ascension. Are we speaking our truth & being honest, open, and willing to shift when that truth being held doesn’t match the highest truth of Love? Word is bond; what we speak is what we become.

(Deeeep breaths allowing oxygen in to every molecule)

Venus Retrograde in Pisces – heart contraction and expansion; goal being Heart open, flowing, and pulsing Love. Dissolving of attachment to old paradigm ideas and concepts of love; Past patterns creating walls around the heart in “protection” coming to surface – that which isn’t serving an open heart, that which was conceived and birthed in pain – surfacing to be broken down to the root of cause and through to expansion. Learning how to be with grief, and process whole heartedly..recognizing pain and opening to it’s lessons. Receptivity tests – the universe says we are ready for true Love in every aspect but affirming or own self worth to face and dissolve fear is essential to heart opening. Are we willing to open & push through uncomfortability in to the comfort & assurance of safety and security that is Pure Love in an open heart? Venus is here to assist

(Slow chest breaths straight to the Heart, release through simply relaxing and letting breath flow out)

Jupiter Retrograde in Libra – introspection seeking greater knowledge of the inner workings for the big picture, how quality of each relation plays part. Gravitation towards philosophy, the ancient ways, all things esoteric. Healing that which is stagnating the natural flow of growth. More Receptivity tests – are our motives selfless and in full flow of giving and receiving, to allow true fortune and abundance to move in to our lives more consistently? What IS our intent, and is action matching? Are we fueling Self-worth and value to allow wealth to accrue? If not, reform with Jupiter’s influence

(Gold vision breaths accumulating wealth)

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius – a deeper look at karmic cycles & how they are playing out for the bigger picture. Stronger definitions on limits, self-imposed and physical/earthly human limits. Diligence, dedication, discipline, response-ability developing in building blocks for the journey. Respect developed for the processes of the ego-personality operating on linear time. Dissolving of the the old paradigm perspective of linear time, and resolve in to perspective of the Eternal Now in motion. Tough lessons resulting in structure that is rooted and stable. Reviewing commitments. Staying flexible and and open to learn the hard lessons, and not subject to circumstance. Affirming Spirit in the flesh, learning to direct and navigate Self based on the quest for liberation while working with current limits as boundaries. Are we setting our boundaries out of love for self, or are our boundaries setting us up to feed fear?

(More Deep, Slow, Drawn Out breaths in reverence for Grandfather Time)

Feelin’ it?! This is just a little taste. It’s about 4 in the morning and I’m simultaneously exhausted and energized by going through all this energy. Really wanted to focus on the Blue Spectral Storm vibration, but what’s happening in the planets is so in alignment that touching base was necessary, for a bit more clarity and understanding. May make another post on the synergy of aspects happening in the planets.

All in all~ every experience is valid, all pain has it’s place as it is showing us how to navigate these crevices we have blocked off. On this path of ascension comes healing, many things are coming to surface for dissolution through illumination, for recognition, acceptance, forgiveness, embrace, release- for purpose of learning the process of how to Love so that Loving becomes our Nature and it is natural in expression as who and what we are. Love ❤️ 


I Am Here

To be of service in any way possible

To assist in awakening, shifting, and raising the vibration

As a guide and a resource

To access self as a guide and resource

I Am grateful for You

And every opportunity to learn and grow

Thank you for choosing to be here and assist in shifting this planet

For helping restore and build the web of connection


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Journey of Self 3/22 – 3/29 🍵🔓🌀

I’ve typed a few of these out but never felt confident posting one.. until now. Sometimes I put immense pressure on myself to be perfect, but I realize the only thing that will bring perfection is accepting the imperfections, and allowing it to be what it is while growing with it. And the only way to do this is to jump in and play the freakin game! So here it is ~ a Journey of Self over the next week through the Voyager Tarot deck 😌

We start with the Four of Worlds ~ Commencement (how fitting, eh?). Spring is here! Plenty of new starts sprouting up. This week is looking very favorable for opportunities in every realm. Messages coming through to seek opportunities which are light and playful, and that which carries inspiration and passion. The latter are most important for this time, we can choose in ourself to keep it light and playful. Stay open to discern. The beginning of this season isn’t necessarily about Springing forward full force just yet – we’re still winding up from the Winter time. Feel everything out – this is an opportunity to strengthen the psychic/intuitive sense. Listen within. Know intent, focus, and purpose, and spring forward when these are met in opportunity. The Six of Cups ~ Sorrow is challenging fresh new beginnings. If old feelings and thoughts are knocking at the door, answer in acknowledgment and compassion. See it for what it is and let it go. It just is. Forgive what must be forgiven and let the rest flow in acceptance. Empty cup of All that is decayed & breathe in the void of possibility. Meet Self here. Stay in practice to bring X Fortune ~ which is driving us for the time being (when we allow), bringing reminders that The Golden Egg is the Seed of the Soul & also completely encompassing Self. Sitting in this void of possibility & being open to receive the treasure of the Heart that is Fortune will bring the best possible outcome. Beat your drum. Sing your song. Go out in Nature and be Natural with your Self. Raise hands to the sky and feel the Sun’s Golden rays illuminating, You. Let the Sun shine on all those dark aspect of Self, this is where the Feminine has been hiding. The Empress comes through to tell us she has in deed risen and will continue to rise, and if we are resisting this than we are actually doing a disservice to our self. The Masculine is sorting itself out in illumination to balance and harmonize with itself, to come in to complete alignment in support. Act. Reflect. Change. Be. Forgive. Accept. Surrender. Grow. Together. As. One.

There is a Current Five of Worlds ~ Setback which is giving us time to stabilize before we take off. It’s not quite time to blast forward with the big plans and dreams and that’s okay. What small steps can we take right now towards achieving these dreams? Sit. Wait. Listen. Allow clear direction and then act fiercely. We are in Presence of Saturn conjunct the Galactic Center hiding apparent limits from us. This is time to sit back in XX Time-Space where old karmic patterns are brought to justice, so we can be in vibrational alignment with our truest dreams. Let all 5 of Wands ~ Oppression die away and decay in to nutrients for renewal. Observe cause and effect in thought and action patterns. Open and free mind. Be honest with current self position and look through other doorways when necessary. Relish in possibility, use limits as a guide, to stay focused and disciplined. Know freedom by knowing bondage. Understand self and be honest in the current direction according to vibration. Use the mind to go anywhere and create anything, and redirect path if need be to invite alignment. 

XVI Tower is the Law of Purification ~ telling us our external experiences are reflecting that which internally is corrupt or still rooted in the 3D. It is showing what is causing the heart to close (judgment, contention, oppression, seclusion, destitution, where is the attention flowing?) & wishes to be purified in heart opening. Burn out what no longer serves with acknowledgment and practice of that which serves. Forgive. Accept. Embrace. Release. Breathe. Purify with Polarity. See the mental patterns and beliefs that need to be destroyed. Extricate physical toxins and transmute negative emotions. Change circumstances. Sacrifice that which isn’t really You and melt in to metamorphosis of Truth. 

The VI Lovers represent the Law of Unification which intertwined gracefully with the Law of Purification. Purify with Polarity. Meet the pain with pleasure and through it all, let the heart burst wide open. Allow Polarity to Unite in the center of All that Is. allow opposites to complement. Allow inner Masculine and Feminine to cater to each other. Nurture Self for Divine Romace within. Let the dawning of this Union, commence. The Setback remains so that these last two cards can surface in alignment to quantum leap forward.

And the outcome is Two of Wands ~ Purity •  This is the Divine Dance of Spirit. All aspects and roles in balance and harmony playing out in expression. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine sit in eternal embrace, emanating golden rays. The swans sit United. The elephants re-member. The Lion tribe dances with the deer. 2 of every kind play and make the music of life. 





The Golden Age Upon Us

Yes siblings, this post comes through in full affirmation that the timeline of the Golden Age is here, active and ready for all those open to receive and anchor in the vibration of the Earth. We have worked and continue to work in service to the Earth and all her inhabitants as the species capable of conscious cocreation in intelligence, to help raise the vibration, thus ascending in dimensions, heightening the experience of life and merging the depth of soul to the surface of conscience. Come to the center of stillness and be. Feel. Receive.

The sun has been giving us extra solar rays to help us integrate energetic shifts the planetary bodies have been putting off, while also allowing us a chance to soak in more nutrients (with proper pure water intake) that the chemtrails and other nature harming practices have been desecrating. If the weather permits where you are, connect with the sun every morning as it rises and every evening as it sets. Sun gazing 30 mins – an hour before the sun sets and after it rises is a practice each can do to help tune the physical and third eye, help activate the heart and solar plexus, and illuminate and dissolve all fear held in all bodies (physical and energetic). Recommended water intake is at least half of an individual’s body weight in ounces every 24 hours. Alkalizing assistants such as lemon, ginger, and pink salt can be added for maximum effect on the body systems to allow proper receiving of activations. These practices will also allow knowing of the Golden Age upon us. Here. Now. For all those open to receive.

Let us remember the fifth dimensional anchoring inside each Conscious has everything to do with Heart Presence. The way to arrive here is through Heart Resonance. The way of Heart Resonance is a process the Law of Time website refers to as “Resonant Transduction” – a process by which each individual follows their highest calling, highest excitement, which leads to deep joy. This can be as small scale such as what to wear in the morning, what to intake for nutrients, or what thoughts to think. Following this process in decision will allow heart opening to occur as one is aligning their will with that of genuine happiness, divine bliss. The way to Heart Resonance is by following Resonant Transduction over the mind’s logical rationalization and justification, categorization and explanations. These things we need not create for Reason. Reason comes naturally in feeling, and feeling need not be explained. Detach from need, detach from desire, detach from passion even, stay Present. All comes naturally in the presence of detachment. True connection is present here.

We can see the transcendence of duality and therefore the third dimension by focusing on transmutation within Self. Ascension from the third dimension to a higher realm occurs in the mind first, transmuting thought patterns by detaching from them, by moving in to the observer position, and seeing thought patterns as energy moving through this human vessel we were blessed with rather than “mine”. And this movement – in to the observer position – is surrender, which actually leads to the soul being in control, and I can relay from experience that this is where all the fun is and the magic happens. This is what is needed for each individual ascension, collective conscious ascension, and ascension of the planet. Transmutation is individually & collectively moving from battling our internal & external selves and reflecting static to each other, to dancing together – bouncing off one another in divine flow. In Love, our inner voices don’t scream or take self defeating attitudes toward each other anymore, and instead they sing together, in dissonance and harmony. This too is where the fun is and the magic happens. And this truly, is the dawning of the Golden Age in one & all. We are all singing and dancing in pure heart space together, cocreating and emanating sun rays.

Gaia is delighted to have us here with Her at this time. In deed we have all agreed to be here to play part. She wishes nothing but the best for us, and for us to choose that for ourselves and for Her. In Raspect for Her, for ourselves, and for each other. 

May all beings be happy and free. 

May all beings be happy and free. 

May all beings be happy and free.

& May we all dance in love, together ~

{Golden Heart picture from also recommended to read // Purple vibration picture was saved on phone, no credit taken for digital media}

Venus Retrograde ~ Heart Contraction & Expansion

One of the most intense build ups to breakthroughs I’ve experienced in a long time was the last couple of weeks up to today. Came through the dark night of the soul vibration while Venus Retrograde was in shadow period, while being triggered in pretty much every way possible to bring things to the surface and also show where I was picking up energy that was coming externally to be dissolved in pure Love presence. 
Faced all forms of what can be perceived as negativity and self-setbacks lately – confusion, delusion, anger, slight depression, stagnancy, worry, fear, sorrow, disappointment, and all forms of oppression. It’s been rough but the message that comes through is that these entities (established energies) need to be seen to be recognized to understand their processes of how to Love them to dissolve them back in One. 

It has been both empowering and energetically exhausting. Being in a busy city where the collective energy is still operating mentally for the most part, is taxing, but it is providing some top notch tests to say the least. 

Today (March 4) I cried twice for what I came to recognize was for Gaia and collective humanity. The first time, it was triggered because my heart was feeling pretty closed (I now recognize it was contracting) and the thought process leading in to it was about how I truly choose to be in service to empower people to help & heal themselves, and to help people find their tools to empower themselves. This led in to feeling how disconnected, disempowered, and confused collective is when it comes to themselves and our roles here on Earth. Feelings of all the energy we can be using to help ourselves fulfill and sustain ourselves in balance and harmony with the beautiful planet we live on, is being fed in to a synthesized corporate entity which turns in to a vicious energetic soul sucking cycle. Awareness, choice and action are all we need to change the place in a day, yet there are beings who don’t have the will to decondition themselves to See this truth. And so I cried, and realized many before me have experienced this exact same thing, or variations of it, of empathizing with the world and the energy that has been held here that is slowly but surely on its way out, through each one of us who can feel the pain and hear the cries for release. 

When I got to the beach there was definitely a sense that more healing had to be done. A friend and I went on a walk to chant and be happy, but somehow this only triggered crying again, and I had to stop walking to let it all out, this one was dizzying and hurt my head a bit. Sat on the dirt and tapped out & tuned in – some pretty chaotic visions came through and I recognized this space that kind of felt like a cloud as collective subconscious/collective conscious energy. It was the mind space hindering  heart space, all that was no longer serving in mind & previous heart space dissolving in the tears being shed, in to that which serves Heart & it’s expansion. Definitely learned Heart expansion comes with heavy initiation, and the breakthrough is so worth the pain. 

So anyway ~ Happy Venus Retrograde! This is only the beginning and I am excited for what’s to come, truly. Heart expansion is quite a thing but luckily we have Jupiter in Retrograde also to catalyze expansion with contraction first. What a time to be alive! 

Infinite gratitude to walk this plane and experience this madness with all of you. It is such a blessing knowing there’s quite a few of us who signed on for personal transformation focused on Love to guide our souls when so many stay so lost. If anything is ever felt needed please reach out, here to help in any way possible.

Blessed Love Family ❤️

To All Those on a Healing Mission..

Know that we are in perfect divine timing. Know that there are only right decisions. Know that every decision has led to healing – perceivable or unperceivable – usually by triggering things held in the energetic bodies to the surface of conscious to be tended to in Love. Know that we are actively learning how to Love ourselves wholly and completely. Know that Gaia only tells us Yes. Know affirmations of all life are extraordinarily abundant. Know that if there is discord or dissonance occurring within, it is on purpose, to transmute and transcend genetic patterns that are in place for the experience of transcending duality in to balanced harmonics of Oneness. Know that all pain experienced is for the purpose of dissolving in to becoming the version of self that is stable and sustained in divine bliss. Know that the Soul already Is and the ego is becoming. Know that this is a process for each ego.

Find patience. Find ground. Find clarity. Find center. 











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Happy Pisces Season 🐳💦💗

Blessed be! The Sun moved in to Pisces early yesterday morning, and am feeling called to write about things we can expect influentially from this watery last sign of the Zodiac, potential things that may still be requesting healing, and a few ways on how to connect to heal, but to go more in depth, please comment or message me (Atara) 🙂

Pisces influence is highly spiritual, deeply receptive, imaginative, compassionate, sensitive, intuitive, empathic, karmic, healing, mysterious, mystical. Pisces is a mutable (changeable/adaptable/flexible) water (emotional, sensitive, fluid) sign with a primary ruler of Neptune (spiritual awakening, inspiration, psychic, subtle energies). This last sign of the zodiac carries energy from all the other signs creating completion, wholeness, and Oneness. No coincidence that this is also the last sign in the season of winter, before we kick off spring equinox with fiery Aries. 

The sign of Pisces is reflective, imanginative, and dreamy. As the last bit of winter comes to a close in this sign, it is simultaneously reflecting on past experiences, and also germinating seeds for what is to come. Dream deep, we are in seed planting mode all year, and to create realistically we must tune in to ourselves and listen for the intuition and subtle energies of when and how to act fluidly – some more great qualities Pisces brings to the table. Keep eyes out for the inspiration as message to follow the passion. Keep the prayers flowing for guidance and direction, and whatever else is felt needed to stay in alignment and bring dreams to fruition. Pisces influence does have a tendency to be easily swept by the current of the dreams in to things that are truly unrealistic. Great ways to navigate this influence are by having a focus on staying grounded in roots (Earth), heart centered(Sun), and keeping clarity in the mental(Moon&Mercury). Staying flexible to change and adapt new ways is always key — but at the same time — staying grounded, centered, and clear while teaming up with discernment will allow a clear knowing of how to move forward in any direction.

The Moon moved in to Sagittarius yesterday, and will be there until tomorrow when it moves in to Capricorn. Moon in Sag accentuates knowledge, especially expansive knowledge such as big picture truth seeking, passion, ideals, creative expression, optimism, travel, adventure. Let these create focus and direction – things Sag specializes in. Find passion and zone in. Creative expression has been a Huge theme for healing in all realms !!! I feel it is the number One avenue to move energy effectively and manifest. Highly recommended to find a muse and an outlet. See something and feel it inspire. Put it in to action of painting, writing, singing, dancing, music, art of all forms – these are basics that travel far, but give yourself permission to get creative! Hum, skip, run, climb a tree, maybe a mountain, make a collage or a manifestation board..mix things up, express your mind and heart. Don’t forget to go outside! Moon in Sag influence LOVES the outdoors, create outside if the weather permits, if not, feel free to take some breaks just for fresh air. Lastly about Sag – Let the inner truth seeker out to play. Do what you love, quit choosing mind over heart, and feel out how to build the bridge to create alignment with the two and beyond. (Message me for greater clarity/help). Heart resonation is key to ascension, and this can’t be faked. Be honest with Self & current experiences, and act accordingly.

Open Self ~ get creative based on ideals, winter time is reflective and seed germinating, and we can germinate with special intent based on ideals and what we would like to learn & experience to create these ideals. This is a great time to utilize these dimensions of life to create a positive perspective to take through life. All Moon practices are ones that affect our internal selves, which in turn affects our external selves, so establishing practices based on the Moon is the fastest and most effective way to transform Self. With this current Sun and Moon combo, we are free to dive deep in to our wildest dreams, in to our fiercest passions and wanted outcomes. Feel free to jump in and ignite your own fire through organic connections you’re cocreating! 

I feel to mention here that we are still in purging energies (Kali coming through sweeping the layers) so if you’re experiencing the shadow aspects of Pisces, honor yourself for being in tune with the energy. The shadow aspects of Pisces are dense and deep, they are emotional and overly sensitive. There is shadow tendencies of victimization, feeling unworthy, wallowing, letting self drown, addiction.. all of these create negative voids such as depression.. These feelings are not You! These are entities created from allowing thought and action patterns (based around these shadow aspects) to suck energy from your field! Identify, detach, cut chords, fill aura with Light. Give it to the earth in transmutation, back to the center of Creation, the whole of Light, in pure gratitude for the lessons, and release the story. I’ll connect a great entity clearing video at the bottom.

For those open to empathic ability, more shadow aspects are psychic sponging, taking on others’ feelings and energy, “healing other people” by taking on their issues for them (STOP – that is not your job), and “vampirism” is big here as the density and lack of Life Force (Light) can open a void, and we all require energy to move through this world. Pulling energy from the 3rd dimension and below is not the way anymore. Have compassion for self and others, and establish self-worth by not allowing these things in to the personal sphere. Let this cycle complete by learning how to connect within. Learn how to fill voids with Earth, Sun, Moon, Ocean, Mountain, tree, flower energy! Core values are easily found in Nature. Sustainability is key here. Learn how to align yourself to some of the deepest desires of aunthentic being and genuine happiness. Observe what is hindering those modes of living, and creative outlet for release.

Pisces influence is great for meditation, so if you’re like me and have been resisting meditation for years, the time is Now. I recommend mystical visual meditations revolving around mist during this time. Misty mountains backdropping a serene lake. Mist creeping through a forest around a lush hill. On a cliff overlooking a valley of slow moving mist. Let it cleanse every facet of your being, and envoke the stillness where breath and the depths of self can be felt.

To conclude, find what connects you to your breath and practice. Mindfulness (conscious awareness) is a great practice that can help to connect to the breath. Observe yourself deeply during this sun transit. The ascension of our vessels from the 4th to 5th dimension is about purging out all that no longer serves in the mental spheres, and building the bridge to the heart by dissolving ourselves in to all that which does serve. Everything we could ever experience is karmic due to the Law of Cause and Effect. “Negative” karma is showing how to clear energy through Love. How can we learn to Love what is hurting us? How can we shine Light on things that seem like they want to destroy us? Seek the lesson. Everything has polarity, find the polarity of that which is perceived as negative (positive) and then find the middle ground. Oneness comes with acceptance and allowance first. Allow self-acceptance by acknowledging all we’ve moved through, what we can look back on, and how we can build from here. We are always in perfect divine timing. Go in and affirm worthiness. The Earth allowed each soul to be here for evolution. She loves each and every one of us and our beautiful, unique journeys. Evolve in full and complete Love. 

In Infinite Love and Gratitude,

Atara ~ 💓
Entity clearing/energetic boundary setting video –

Doreen Virtue Chakra Clearing video –

Awesome 432 hz meditation music provided by Ashton Robertson – 


Blessed Portal Day! Happy 1/11/1 ❤️

Originally I wanted to do a post for 1/11/1 (1111) of something like a breakdown of the transcendence of duality and what that means in a perspective from experience, how the energy of 1 acts as a direct channel, and the paradoxical nature of the Aquarian energy we just moved in to full force collectively. But instead, this channel came through from crossing paths with the “twin flame” the other day..which I feel sums up a little of the experience, the process with the feelings that were moved through, and the conclusion that came from it.. Take what you will from this, let me know how you feel afterward 🙂

Before going in to it, though, I feel to mention that a dear brother (who has an Aquarius sun) messaged me this morning and said that we were traversing the Astral together last night, and he witnessed me go through a very intense purging cleanse. One which we were flying down to Earth from the skies, and then entered in to the Earth through a crack and went down, down, down, saved a dolphin hybrid being and brought it back to the water.. there’s more details but just know that he really helped shine light and cleanse this gnarrrly energy I’ve been facing in shadow (dolphin hybrid being) the last few days emotionally (water) that has definitely been a purge of my (Earth) vessel since crossing paths and reconnecting with the twin.. and the last thing/only dream I remember before waking up this morning is that Spirit was showing a frog and speaking that the frog was here to help cleanse as well, and it’s been raining all day 🙂 Oh! But! That’s where this title came from..Ambrose (Aquarius) and I were talking about Kali energy and how her demeanor is usually not here to be friends, (I feel now in the sense of enablement), but to catalyze growth in the most deep, helpful ways while still remaining compassionate to each individual process. And so it has inspired this.. Bless 🙂

“I don’t care to be your friend.

I care…for growth; contraction & expansion. For the process these take, and the forms they shape. For polar opposites identical in nature, meeting at different degrees to catalyze each other, to create completeness in one another. I care for separation as differentiation, as discernment to individualize, so things can hold their own power and complement each other. I care for the power of expression and what that means in all the realms – influencing cause and effect so long as it neither hurts nor inhibits another. I care for the power of Knowledge and Transformation, and the utilization of experience as Wisdom.

I care… for Love. I care for the seeds of love. For the soil, the nutrients, the watering of process. I care for the uprooting when necessary, and the pruning for the most beautiful bloom. I care even when the process is a mess. I care for the perception of beauty even when it’s fucking ugly. I care for where everything stems from. I care for the roots. I care for placement.. & every aspect of Creation.

I care… for connection. I care for the depth within/underneath the surface. I care for the illusion within truth within authenticity. I care for stillness within movement. I care for the chaos within peace. I care for the dissolution within resolution, disintegration within integration, for the dissonance within resonance. I care for fear and hate, anger and rage, disappointment, negativity, all aspects of density within all aspects of Love. 

To know allowance, acceptance, forgiveness, embrace, know mental illness as depression and anxiety is to know how to know pain within the pleasure and pleasure within the know stagnant energy is to know fluidity, and how to move freely, and THIS is why I care. 

I don’t care to be your friend – but I do care for you

To know you is to know myself

Thank you for the lessons ~”